Logo design by Easually.com

This logo was designed for a premium line of pet products for dogs of all ages.

The idea was to use as characters the owner’s pet dogs, two French Mastiffs, named Tomé -a full grown male- and Bebec -a female who, at that time, was just a puppy.

The Process

tb-colorsThe Concept: To emphasize the premium value of the brand, and using the fact that this breed of dogs comes from France, we followed the visual style of wine labels. This is why we chose a simple but elegant font.

The Colors:  The French Mastiff’s coat varies from shades of coppery red to brownish red. Some of these dogs have hazel eyes, but in the case of Tomé and Bebec, the eyes are light green. The orange and green happen to be complementary colors, which works very well for our design.


The Composition

The first version of the logo showed the body shapes of the two dogs, where you could see the difference in size and attitude between an adult and a puppy.



In the second version we went for a more abstract style, focusing on their faces, since they are so expressive.



We also developed an icon with the letters “T” and “B”, from Tomé and Bebec, which is also simplification of the dogs faces, front and side combined, (can you see them?) and it can be used in more materials, such as merchandising.



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