When a business wants a postcard for networking events, you know they want to stand out, make a difference, out of the box thinking! And because that’s how we roll, we combined the Find Waldo theme + Austin + Mammoth Recruiting:



Why the Where’s Waldo theme? Well, Mammoth Recruiting will find the Waldo of engineering, marketing, finance… It makes sense for their business, and their mission: Put People First. Also it’s serves the purpose of networking: a conversation starter, right! So can you find the 8 type of professionals (or Waldos) we hid on the postcard? Ohh, and there’s even 3 Mammoths around 6th Street.

Humor + Call To Action

Humor will get the attention of your audience (we have researched and posted about this). We knew that was a must in order to stand out in a networking event, so we had to avoid being: another pretty postcard. What better wat to break the ice than with a bunch of Waldos hidden around Austin.

The end game: you gotta meet these guys. Either for your hiring needs or to refer a client. Why? Because they put people’s first! That’s why people had to be in the front part of the Postcard, and why it is important to first break the ice, then talk about business.

The Pitch That Won

This is what we sent for the Contest. It’s not pretty but the idea, the Idea is what we wanted to stand out. Making it pretty comes later.


And here I am, getting a coffee with Jeff, founder of Mammoth Recruiting

Jeff, Eli, Mammoth Postcard

What an amazing project! We jump out of our seats when someone like Jeff wants to communicate differently, for us it’s an opportunity to make information enjoyable.