The Art Of War Codified

We designed three codes to explain visually Sun Tzu’s Art Of War. 

Why? So you remember it more easily, and live the art of transforming conflict into harmony. 

The 3 codes are:

1) From conflict to harmony
2) The Five Factors Model (mindset)
3) Strategy is subtle, and tactics is dense

Reading the book with this codes in mind and in heart, provide an easier way to remember Sun Tzu’s discoveries, so that you experience them entirely.

Code #1 “Conflict Into Harmony”

The Art Of War is also the Art of Conflict Into Harmony. And the motion is:

1) First, you observe the “me” and the “you”
2) Second, you spend time to learn
3) Then, you conclude into “us”

The message is: staying in conflict is war, and concluding into harmony is art.

Observing is the most subtle of the three steps; concluding is the most dense.

Art Of War Codified

Code #2 “The 5 Factors Model”

The map to read the Art Of War is the Five Factors of conflict.

Heaven: cycles, seasons, signs.
Morale: the same spirit among all
Commander: who unites heaven & earth
Method: how all is organized

Earth: ground, encounters, terrain.

Art Of War Codified

Code #3 “Structure: Subtle & Dense”

Chapter 1 is about the book’s structure: the five factors that define any encounter.

Ch. 2 – 13 explain how strategy is subtle and tactics are dense.


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